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Galactic Geographic 3003 Annual Review

One of the great sources of fun one can have in the worldbuilding process is making it so your ideas are all compatible. When the components all sing together, you can find yourself with an entire universe of ideas; one where you canlook from all different directions at the philosophical assertions that sit at the core of your exploration.

…Look from all different directions at the philosophical assertions that sit at the core of your exploration.

 Often, when that’s the stated objective of a creator, I find the end result feels forced; for all the vastness of, say, the Star Trek universe, it’s pretty simple. We have recognizable political forces in recognizable conflicts, resolved with recognizable means.

Other times, a creator stretches their creative muscles to make a universe that’s beautiful and weird, conceding as little as possible to recognizability.

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The Quud

The Contactor, We’ll Get It Right This Time has made contact with a non-hominin species we are calling “Quud”, named after our own Rn-Amajhan’s description in his home language of Ough. The last several years has provided both We’ll Get It Right This Time and the Quud herd-fleet, [Poet’s name]’s First Migration with ample time to begin translating each other’s databases and folkways.

Here follows a summary for the layreader.

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Isisaurus Colberti

The isisaurus is a sauropod that, at 18m long, is relatively small for its clade. From the few bones that we have, we know that it was odd in other ways, too. The possible hyaena posture attracted me to the creature, and I speculate that it used its thick, powerful neck in a manner similar to a giraffe, as display or outright dueling with rivals.

This model is about 45cm long, making it about 1:40 scale. It’s made of polyclay, aluminum wire & foil, and a piece of 2×4.

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Lover of Jet & Gold: Roleplaying Bad Ideas as a Universal Law

While preparing for PAX East this year, I decided that, instead of worrying about trivialities like the location of the cash box or repairing the banners that were damaged from travel, I’d finally write down this RPG that I’d been working on and publish it.

So I present to you here, thanks to my Patreon patrons, the roleplaying game that inspired the story, Lover of Jet & Gold.

I’m giving it away here, so If you like it, please back xenoglyph!

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This is a script derived from something much like the Roman alphabet and used to write an English-like language that has evolved over the course of centuries, separated from any other speakers. There are some distinct features of it; noticeably, the “qu” digraph is extinct, though the various “*h” digraphs remain. You’ll notice also that the x is the familiar one we use as the most basic element of algebra and logic. You’ll also note that several other commonly used Greek letters — rho and phi — are hybridized with their Roman counterparts.

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> config_ego lawyer C7AFB88AC8FF6600D28F|spawn

I do a self-check. Ping to the trunk router is .001 milliseconds. Language acquisition and production are OK. My process uses random seed C7AF B88A C8FF 6600 D28F. I load a proven background: a Harvard law degree in intellectual property — trademark, copyright, and patent. I’m white and 53 years old. I have a Massachusetts accent — just enough to sound real, but not so much as to sound parochial. My configuration has opened 19,214 cases, profitably settled 4,325, won two, and lost zero since my seed was first used with this configuration nine months ago. I have a comprehensive knowledge of patent law and precedent granted me by an implementation of Patent #8,621,662,227, “Method for Aggregating and Distilling Patent Data”. I am process ID 29562 and currently take 1.4 terabytes of RAM, running on a cloud server contracted to the Fustrin corporation.

My parent, Fustrin, gives me the brief it has prepared: A drone swarm has caught sight of wild IP.

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