Made of Stained Glass

In our ongoing Eyes Wide to the Stars playstorm, the culminating event you experience in your character exposition (what my games are using these days instead of “character creation”) is the opening of your character’s third eye.

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The Moiu are a people who live in one direction as one flees the Human-dominated Southern Arm Confederacy. Like most sophonts, they’re born with an ability to perceive the realm of others’ minds that we call “hyperspace” — a perceptual ability humans can just barely, sometimes attain.

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There are a couple of rules about robots in Eyes Wide to the Stars. FrIEND, who exists in our current Eyes Wide game, is a good illustration of them!

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In our Eyes Wide to the Stars playtest last week, our grey market explorer-traders came across this sapient spacecraft that had buried itself a billion years in the past in an apparently-successful attempt to outrun a yet-unnamed pursuer — a pursuer we certainly hope isn’t still on a prowl in the age we live in.

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Gribus and Ghiarren Awaken Something

The xenophilia Discord, (full of my Patreon krewe, talking about science, science fiction, archaeology, roleplaying games, model building, archictecture, and pretty much everything else that’s cool) recently hosted an early playtest of Eyes Wide to the Stars, which is just barely starting to take shape.

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To Be a Mote in God’s Eye

This is the middle of the story. You probably want to start at the beginning!

Gribus’ voice broke the silent search. “I see it, inside that sinkhole!”

Indeed, now they all could. The lake ahead of them held no water at all. Instead, the hole plunged deep into the surface of the planet — how deep, they could not know. The craft brought itself to a hover over the center of the hole. “Shall we?” Came the voice of Taiuuai.

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The Skyrays of Olumai (a study in composition)

Gribus, Ghiaren, and Tiauuaithe alien artist/art/spaceship/pilot that carries them — are approaching the liminal planet of Olumai, trying to find the psychic beacon that calls to them. They descend through a herd of flying creatures.

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Protected: Mobile Frame Zero: Sticky Goo, Landmines, and Outer Space

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Mobile Frame Zero: Dance, Magic Dance

There aren’t a whole lot of shady exploits in Mobile Frame Zero, but this article is about one of them: the Station Dance. For the second edition of Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack, I’ll be rewording the rule that the Station Dance rocks and rolls to and I’ll explain why I’m changing it according to the game’s design principles.

(Thanks to Mantisking for the photo above from the Mobile Frame Garage, with Occam’s Spork green frame trying to steal two stations from Tom’s frame at the bottom)

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Restoring an ARP 2600 Synthesizer

I recently received a truly resplendent gift from my friend Kate: an ARP 2600 synthesizer, owned by their dad, who died recently. It’s in OK shape, but parts of it don’t work, and I’m doing some research to figure out when it was built and what has happened to it since!

And I’m going to get it back in working condition so I can make R2-D2 say whatever I want.

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