Prologue: Healing Scars

The Gulabadam sat at the newborn campfire ruminating, his prodigious jaw grinding slowly at the plain, salted barley flatbread that he found so delicious. His tail wrapped around his waist, sitting in his lap like a pet, and his huge, bovine eyes glittered in the firelight and dawn gloaming.

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Galil and the Gudabadam

There were many ways this story could have gone. You know one already.

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The Age of Giants

The Earthen Firmament was born from the passionate union of the Sky and the Waters of the Underworld. Their love cries we remember now as the Language of Names.

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Limzu, Rib of Galzu

The Age of Giants ended long ago, but its remains can yet be found. Limzu, the Rib of Galzu, is as storied and ancient as that age, itself.

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Adam, a Klezmer from Dream Apart

This is Adam. It’s Rosh Chodesh, the festival of the new moon, and they’ve just wandered into the town synagogue of Shibenoye, a little town near the Crimean Peninsula. They’ve got a balalaika on their back, a song on their tongue, kavanah in their heart.

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An Akum from Far Away

The “akum” are the “huge birds, toothy of maw” that live far to the north of the center of the world, ridden by nomadic warrior tribes. This one is distinct, though: it has a beak like the toothless birds, but has fingers like the akum. She’s wild, and about the size of a modern horse. The akum-rider tribes might see these as unnameable, but I bet there are a people who considers them prize mounts.

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Captain Azouli

It took a long time for Captain Azouli to confirm that this ship was here. Now she maybe wishes she wasn’t.

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Eshud-Numash, Bearer of the Last Tusk of Grandmother Thunder

Eshud-Numash is carrying the Last Tusk of Grandmother Thunder, the ancestor of his people’s herd of Lumu, (which we know as stegatetrabelodon). The tusk will be: Old (Grandmother Thunder lived to 180 years. There have been two generations of the Lumu herd since then); Mighty (It’s a tusk. It’s also wielded as a weapon); Known to All (It has been carried by the scion of Eshud for centuries, as their badge of office); and Generous (From the open end of the tusk issues water, if it would save a life).

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The Refugee Angel

The Refugee Angel is a tramp freighter, slipping through the Andonar/Trusk hyperlane, dodging Imperial interests. Its crew is a family, for better or worse, who you’ll be able to play in µShock:2:Refugee Angel, coming to my xenophiliacs at Patreon!

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Alternator is an RPG inspired by the parts of Altered Carbon that are about economic inequality and queerness (that is, the last three episodes of the Netflix series).

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