plugdata: Drawing Sound

For about six months I’ve been working with the plugdata graphical audio programming project to help develop the language for not only my personal sonic experimentation, but also to come to understand it well enough that I can use it as a tool for all sorts of digital experimentation and exploration.

This video is a … do we call this kind of thing an “instrument”? It has its own opinions about what it should sound like from moment to moment… and yet, you can collaborate with it. It’s not intelligent, but it makes patterns that you can somehow understand.

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Setting Up the Easel

The Computation Easel (perhaps to be known as the Oblique Easel? We’ll see where this goes) is something I’d like to get at least to being a functional prototype. So I’ve been doing the nitty gritty of building something that works right, even if it’s a little inelegant.

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