A Moiu Spaceship

The Moiu are one of the first aliens that humans met out among the stars. Their spacecraft are all unique, built with the sapience that is required for hyperspace travel.

Like a proper space opera ship, it lands butt down on those antenna things.

The Moiu are some of my favorite Space Guys. In a galaxy where the humans are the bad guys, it gives you lots of room to find all different ways for people to be decent.

There's not much metal in The Fifth World, though aluminum is abundant and stable. I wonder what stories they tell about it!
Do the Fifth Worlders still look at the sky and wonder if other worlds hold new types of people?

More Moiu

I love these guys. Eyes Wide to the Stars is deliberately human-centric, looking around from humanity at its self-satisfied worst while seeing what it could be if it were driven by curiosity.

But I can’t help but think about the inevitable “All Moiu” campaign would look like.

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