The Giant, Ush

The Age of Giants ended generations ago. The Great Names desired to sleep, and so made them to fight on their behalf , crafting them from wind and fire and water .

They drew water from the Waters of Heaven and the Waters of the Underworld and made it the blood of the veins of the Giants. They hewed their skin from stone and copper and wood. The fire of their spirits shone through their eyes and nostrils. Each was different from the others, graven or molded or birthed from Great Names for a purpose.

But while the Great Names slept, the Giants molded the first of the Earthen-Beings from clay to fight in their own stead. They stuffed their ears with wax so they would be born without understanding the Language of Names that all other beings know, teaching them only the words of obedience and cruelty. All mortals yet feel this loss, but in the mortal spirit the loss became desire, and desire became a stubborn will. And from that loss they learned compassion, and made their own words for it.

To spite one another and to satisfy their own desires, the Giants bore children with the Earthen-Beings they had created: the Heroes of Old, who first learned the secret of fire, and of baked bricks, and the ways of irrigation from the ocean-people. And, too, those ocean people whispered the Language of Names to the Earthen-Beings who would hear while Tiamut, Salt-Mother, Sower of Chaos, taught them to write.

Swiftly, the Earthen-Beings caused the giants to feud, for the Giants did not know the art of writing, that let one know the mind of another and make a lie appear as though true.

In our time, we know the Giants only from their footprints in stone, their cavernous skulls and hands turned to mountains, and the distant descendants they left when they chose human mates to spite their own kind.

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