Bal, who Crushes Mountains Between his Mighty Thews

The Giants are the first beings made by the Great Names to tend the garden of the Earthen Firmament so that the Great Names could sleep. Each was given a destiny by the Great Name that made them, ostensibly to keep the world forever the way it was. But they also instructed them to “correct” the work of other Giants.

Bal’s task is to crush the mountains of the world to rubble. Here, he’s having a great time doing what he was told to do.


Bal is a supporting character in the Twine game I’m working on right now, about to be available in draft form to the xenophiliacs, who are also discussing it on the Discord! Join us in the conversation!

There's not much metal in The Fifth World, though aluminum is abundant and stable. I wonder what stories they tell about it!
Do the Fifth Worlders think of us, the humans of a past age, as giants — massive in power but brutish of mind?

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