Habah, Father of Behabah

Hebah is the father of Behabah, who drank the Lake Pehemeh when challenged by Atam. We also know Hebah as the Shepherd, for he stole herds of Earthen-Beings from Mash and Bu — first to make them jealous, and then because he enjoyed their taste.

Habah is from the Age of Giants, which was begun when the Great Names first formed them from bits of their own flesh, that the Great Names might sleep while the Giants fight their battles for them. And the Giants, who knew nothing but the orders they had been given and their jealousies, made the Earthen-Beings to do the work for them.

I’ve been figuring out this weird little 1p game where you play a giant. Like all my RPGs, I make all this anicllary art to figure out what I want it to feel like.

If you’re interested in the game — and other art like this — back me up on Patreon!

There's not much metal in The Fifth World, though aluminum is abundant and stable. I wonder what stories they tell about it!
Do the Fifth Worlders think of us, the humans of a past age, as giants — massive in power but brutish of mind?

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