The Oblique Palette

The Oblique Palette

The Oblique Easel hardware is composed of two types of module: the Easel, containing the computation and touchscreen; and the input/output Palette, containing interfaces to physical controls and other devices. I’m developing them together not so they have a perfect, final shape, but so they are properly designed as a modular system that can be expanded and modified as the ideas evolve.

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The Giant, Ush

The Age of Giants ended generations ago. The Great Names desired to sleep, and so made them to fight on their behalf , crafting them from wind and fire and water .

They drew water from the Waters of Heaven and the Waters of the Underworld and made it the blood of the veins of the Giants. They hewed their skin from stone and copper and wood. The fire of their spirits shone through their eyes and nostrils. Each was different from the others, graven or molded or birthed from Great Names for a purpose.

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plugdata: Drawing Sound

For about six months I’ve been working with the plugdata graphical audio programming project to help develop the language for not only my personal sonic experimentation, but also to come to understand it well enough that I can use it as a tool for all sorts of digital experimentation and exploration.

This video is a … do we call this kind of thing an “instrument”? It has its own opinions about what it should sound like from moment to moment… and yet, you can collaborate with it. It’s not intelligent, but it makes patterns that you can somehow understand.

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A Sonic Adventure

Let’s have some fun adventures with music! These pieces are part of me figuring out how to design an RPG I’m calling Oscillator all about interdimensional experimental musicians.

The question in Oscillator is: what if you got to hang out with your favorite artists, and you’re all as cool las you feel when you’re in creative flow? It’s a question that allows us a lot of freedom to be silly. We’re all feeling a lot of pain and we very seriously need to feel hope, to laugh, and to enjoy things for being beautiful. I want these stories and the game they’re intended to inspire to inspire all those feelings.

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A Big Giraffe

The Sivatherium went extinct sometime in the last couple million years here on Earth, though some paleontologists have interpreted some cave paintings as representing them. But in the World of Names it survived the Flood. Or maybe it won’t survive the Flood, if it hasn’t happened yet.

So, naturally, Earthen-Beings gonna Earthen Be. They strap bundles of cloth and grain to them to carry it long distances so they can trade for glass and fruit.

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More Moiu

I love these guys. Eyes Wide to the Stars is deliberately human-centric, looking around from humanity at its self-satisfied worst while seeing what it could be if it were driven by curiosity.

But I can’t help but think about the inevitable “All Moiu” campaign would look like.

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Setting Up the Easel

The Computation Easel (perhaps to be known as the Oblique Easel? We’ll see where this goes) is something I’d like to get at least to being a functional prototype. So I’ve been doing the nitty gritty of building something that works right, even if it’s a little inelegant.

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