Alien Earball

Continuing my series of speculative, dismembered body structures, here’s an “earball” — a combined acoustic and optical organ that’s a direct outgrowth of this creature’s brain.

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Mountain-That-Walks and his Student, Chalk Woman

A Year ago, the village of Pa woke to a site none had ever seen. Arriving with the rising sun was the enormous beast they called Mountain-That-Walks. Clinging to its gold-adorned fur was a stranger coated in white clay who would only call herself Chalk Woman.

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Cyberpunk Monday!

Check out all the Ts! Pris is new for today, Cyberpunk Monday!

Zikru the Poet, Whose Tongue Shamed Ashlala

Zikru was once a beautiful man, a poet of great skill. So great was his ability with his tongue that he never slept alone, and often with the chiefs of his tribe. But, drunk one night on a subtle wine, he boasted that his knowledge of the Language of Names was greater even than that of Ashlala, the Great Name of the People of the River Uklal.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex in His Sunday Bonnet

Our vision of dinosaurs keep getting more and more weird. I’m not claiming any particular accuracy here, but I’m pointing out just how little we know, and how speculation like that in All Yesterdays can be a powerful tool to help us get our heads around just how weird the universe is. Continue reading “Tyrannosaurus Rex in His Sunday Bonnet”

How The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze Works

I’m really proud of The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze. It’s the best roleplaying game I’ve ever designed and I think that I’ll be able to look back and see its publication as a watershed moment for the playable parts of my creative output. This is where it came from.

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Ahuj, Pirate Sorceress

Ahuj, as she’s known by Captain Kwajr’s brave crew, is friend to Djafaiya, the East Wind of the Sea. At a word from her lips, city gates discharge their duty to her by opening. Fair winds vacate the sails of their quarry and swell their own to overtake their prey. The Mighty City of Po invites her with gritted teeth and will see her unharmed in its rough streets and halls of intrigue.

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Emakesh and Shumal, the Dawn Flame

Two years have passed since Emakesh rounded the bend of Mother River to see the village of Adur Em burned to a smoldering cinder. He asked the boat — a simple canoe carven from the stout bowsprit of the warship whose stories you already know — to beach itself that he might look among the ashes for clue or treasure. What he found was much more than the fire-eaten remains of a village.

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Nur Amegh, Holy Gladiator of the City of Guruk

Nur Amegh is the champion of the City of Guruk, which can be found in the Three-River Mountains far the the west of the center of the world.

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Mallu, Falseman Guard, General, and Lover

The Falsemen are the product of Ennueh genetic engineering. They are built for their talents, from cunning engineer to subtle mind reader and ever-so-rare mind controller, and given as gifts between the powerful who can afford to commission their crêching.

Once born, they possess at the least the faculties of the Ennueh designers who created them. Many Falsemen work to develop their kind to greater heights while they debate the philosophical merits of the arguments that declare them as people.

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