The Titanic Pentaforms of Ashlesa

The Fibonacci geyland of Ashlesa 3.1 is a vast “grass”land of Monoforms that support the coboglobin-based ecosystem of Diforms, Triforms, Pentaforms, and Octoforms. This, the Titanic Pentaform, is the most massive Pentaform discovered to date.

The Filter Feeding Aerial Pentaform of Ashlesa 5.2

Ashlesa 5.2 has a rich set of near-isolated ecosystems. Among the few entities that can cross the vast deserts of the planet are the flying Pentaforms, of which explorers have identified two species. Where the other is an aerial predator, this one is a filter feeder, a solitary flyer.

Ashlesan Warrior of the Southern Heart, complete

The little guy’s complete!

Ashlesan Warrior Sculpture, Painted

Painting is nearly done! You can see a spot I missed completely on the right knee, and there are a couple of spots that still need work, but the body’s just about done. Next come the banners, which will brighten the monochrome substantially. More pics under the cut!

Ashlesan Warrior sculpture

I’ve been working on this guy quite a bit. Materials have been about $25. No special tools, but I made some sculpting tools out of music wire and dowels. More pics below the cut!

The Polar Piglets of the Boreal Geyland of Ashlesa

In the northernmost geyland of Ashlesa live the Polar Piglets. The 35 cm long, waddling creatures are highly social in nature, spending as much time as possible in close proximity to several other individuals. They mineral-rich water flowing up from below forms large, bulging rocks wherever vents open to the surface. These rocks are filled … Continue reading “The Polar Piglets of the Boreal Geyland of Ashlesa”

An introduction to Ashlesa

When humans first orbited Ashlesa 5.2 (the second moon in orbit around the fifth “planet” — itself a brown dwarf — orbiting the star Ashlesa) , they were struck by its geology. A single vast plain, desert-like, with the occasional oasis dotting the landscape, broken only by chains of geysers, some thousands of miles across. … Continue reading “An introduction to Ashlesa”

Warrior of the Southern Heart Sculpture

I haven’t made any sculpture in years, and I’ve never used Sculpey to do anything but make little beads. So we’ll see how this goes. I’ve gotten a lot of help from the extraordinarily kind and knowledgeable artists over at the Concept Art fora. Lots of pictures of this Warrior of the Southern Heart of … Continue reading “Warrior of the Southern Heart Sculpture”

Warriors of the Southern Heart

In the geyland called the Southern Heart lives a species called “warriors” by the explorers who first discovered them. They’re herd animals, living among twenty or thirty of their kind. They’re about 1m tall, to the top of their banners and eyes and about half as long. Their feet each contain a circular mouth on … Continue reading “Warriors of the Southern Heart”