Ashlesan Warrior of the Southern Heart, complete

One of the four mouths of the Warrior
One of the four mouths of the Warrior.

The little guy’s complete!

First, you roll out a blend of Super Sculpy and Super Sculpy firm over your armature wire.
Then, you cut out the shape, approaching the degree of symmetry you need, occasionally re-rolling the Sculpy blend.
Then you burn it in the oven. You may choose to use some profanity at this point. I suggest "God fuck it".
So then you do over, and paint them with a series of washes.
Along the way, you drill holes for the armature wires and glue the banners in, making sure to break at least one.
Then you admire the fuck out of that shit.
Zie looks cuter than I wanted.

3 thoughts on “Ashlesan Warrior of the Southern Heart, complete”

  1. Awesome! Well done!

    Now I’m going to have to add to my Fantasy-Day-Spent-With-Joshua MST3K watching *and* sculpting stuff.

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