Isisaurus Colberti on my Workbench

I’ve wanted to do more sculpture for a while now. In celebration of giving the thumbs up to the press, I started work on an isisaurus colberti. It’s a “small” sauropod (like the apatosaurs, brachiosaurs, and ultrasaurs of our childhoods) of a mere 18m in length. But what gets me is its weird, hyaena-like posture. It’s quite speculative — there aren’t really enough bones to confirm the body shape — but there’s some reason to believe it’s something like this.

Since I’m liable to put a howdah on top anyway, I’m not going to be overly concerned with the actual accuracy. Reproducing the weird structure here will be enough.

So I started building the armature tonight!

Ashlesan Warrior Sculpture, Painted

Ashlesan warrior, about to stomp you. Gills are visible between the halves of the shell and the eating orifice is visible under the raised foot.

Painting is nearly done! You can see a spot I missed completely on the right knee, and there are a couple of spots that still need work, but the body’s just about done. Next come the banners, which will brighten the monochrome substantially. More pics under the cut!

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