The Titanic Pentaforms of Ashlesa

The Fibonacci geyland of Ashlesa 3.1 is a vast “grass”land of Monoforms that support the coboglobin-based ecosystem of Diforms, Triforms, Pentaforms, and Octoforms. This, the Titanic Pentaform, is the most massive Pentaform discovered to date.

This Titanic Pentaform was spotted as it turned back toward its home geyser with its sacs full of fat and other vital chemicals

Dr. Aparna Chandra, who first described the ecosystem several months ago, has proposed that something about the structure of the genetics of the Fibonacci ecosystem causes structures to fall into these specific forms, and it would appear that any mutations that do not increase or decrease the symmetrical folds of the species do not survive; only in the process of altering the symmetry can evolution take place, as natural variation within a species hovers uncommonly close to the mean for the species as a whole.

Therefore, she proposes, the immediate ancestors of the Titanic Pentaform must be either Triform for Octoform. Tangentially, she proposes that there must be a reason that no Triskadekaforms have been observed.

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This particular species is a large, seasonally-migrating grazer that lives in small herds of three to five individuals. They follow the cyclically lengthening fields of Monoform “grass” as the wave of growth propagates outward from the geyser bursts, bringing new nutrients to the ecosystem. The Titanic Pentaform consumes the nutrient-rich tops through the beak on its underside, storing fat for the long walk back to the geysers, to await the next eruption and wave of nutrient-rich Monoform.

Like all species in the Fibonacci geyland, the Titanic Pentaform has no rigid skeleton. Rather, its neuromuscular system is supported in critical spots by  flexible “quills” of cartilaginous material. Its legs and feet are more similar in structure to cephalopod tentacles, though their shape is supported by an array of quills.

Each node of the Titanic Pentaform is centered on the leg, itself. The nutrient/organ sacs between them are a fusion of the two on either side. Each note is structurally identical, even mirroring signs of healing where another node was harmed.

In the center of the creature is its sexual organ. Preliminary observations imply that it expels balloons full of spores that blow on the wind, bursting in response to the presence of female Titanic Pentaforms. There seem to be no noticeable differences between males and females, and Dr. Chandra has proposed that sexual type may be a phase of life or induced by environmental circumstance.

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