This is Bowie to Bowie. Can You Hear Me Out There, Mahn?

This is my final commission for the Kaleidocast, Season 2. Kaleidocast is an amazing podcast put together by the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers’ group, who have given me the incredible opportunity to not only do some really weird art like this, but also to make some really, really good friends.

I would have strong ambivalent feelings about meeting this entity.

This piece is for their production of Lilah Wild’s story, Wallflowers, about the spirits still living in The Limelight — or the church that used to be The Limelight, now occupied by a Basic Boutique.

But a space that meaningful to so many people leaves behind its ghosts. And they’re not too happy about the new tenants.

Subscribers to my Patreon are just about to get a process video of the drawing, so if you want to see how I make this kind of thing, please subscribe — it helps me eat!

The only Solarpunk RPG I've ever seen.
Much more plausible than ghost stories coming to life in Brooklyn in the form of a Bowie is the end of Capitalism and the Industrial Age. The Fifth World is about the end of the Anthropocene and what humans are like with it in their past.

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