Brigand — the first Shrieky Little Machine

Science fiction works in any art form. You look at what exists, then compare it to what’s possible-and-explorable, and experiment with it! That’s why Shock: includes music in its mediography section.

So I’ve been messing with synthesizers a lot lately. I’ve been making some really interestingly shrieky sounds and wanted to share with you the Brigand, a granular synthesizer I built a few weeks ago.

I’m putting an EP together that will be available to my patrons, but I really want to show off the machine, itself and what it sounds like!

The only Solarpunk RPG I've ever seen.
Man, I’d LOVE to hear music from the Fifth World. Glass harmonicas, didgeridoos, 2 meter diameter drums made of sewer pipe that you have to travel to annually to play…