Good part first!

Jet Jaguar, all done!

It’s called Jet Jaguar. Thanks, R!

Matte bosses

I went over these cable stops with Scotchbrite (distinct from Scotchlite, the tape) to make them matte. I also brushed the knobs.

The barcons and brake levers.

It took me forever to confirm that you can do this. You can. That’s a Tektro “cyclocross” inline lever with a bar-end shifter.


It’s not your project unless you bust your thumbnail!

I said a hip, a hop, a hip hip hippy dippy

Wrapper’s paradise.

Running the shifter cable

Finally putting on the shifter.

I took it out for a spin today. I’m very happy about it. It’s got a pretty aero position, which is just what I want, I think. It’s pretty short and hoppy. The brakes were a litty rubby, but things are pretty much ironed out now. Nine speeds on a single ring is a bit much (and noisy in the lowest gear), but it works niclely anyway. It’s geard pretty high, but I really like the ass-hauling.

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