The Moiu are a people who live in one direction as one flees the Human-dominated Southern Arm Confederacy. Like most sophonts, they’re born with an ability to perceive the realm of others’ minds that we call “hyperspace” — a perceptual ability humans can just barely, sometimes attain.

My eyes are up here.

Moiu, like most sophonts, are suspicious of Humans because of Humans’ habit of enslaving people, mostly themselves. They also think humans are weird because the little guys can’t help but look below their faces. It’s like talking to someone looking at your neck all the time. And that’s because, coincidentally, the mouthparts and bottom two eyes happen to look like a human face.

Moiu are mostly liquivores, eating fruit and small animals. They evolved on plains and can run quickly — a trait once useful against their former predators, but now one that has become one of sexual selection.

In the story I’m currently writing, one of them is sitting at a campfire with some friends.

I’d love to see what Fifth Worlder hazard gear looks like. There’s sure a lot of environmental hazard in their (our future) world!

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