Tinkari is an ing√©nue, a sacred prostitute from the brothel-temple in the heart of the city of Kalrim. When he said he wanted to see the world, Mother rolled her eyes and said he’d be back soon; the world was full of ugliness and discomfort, when he lived surrounded by soft bread and music, by pleasure and beauty.

But Tinkari found something else.

Tinkari is from the Hugo-nominated autor Mimi Mondal’s wonderful story coming up in The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze! I’m really honored that she’s working with me, and I think you’ll enjoy learning about Tinkari and those he meets along his way.

Modular systems are a function of industrial society. But do people of The Fifth World still know how to agree to standards? With their acute interest in efficiency, I think they might have carried that lesson forward!

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