Eshud-Numash, Bearer of the Last Tusk of Grandmother Thunder

Eshud-Numash is carrying the Last Tusk of Grandmother Thunder, the ancestor of his people’s herd of Lumu, (which we know as stegatetrabelodon). The tusk will be: Old (Grandmother Thunder lived to 180 years. There have been two generations of the Lumu herd since then); Mighty (It’s a tusk. It’s also wielded as a weapon); Known to All (It has been carried by the scion of Eshud for centuries, as their badge of office); and Generous (From the open end of the tusk issues water, if it would save a life).

You don’t want to see him go, but you love to see him walk away.

The Eshud, from his Numash’s mother to the beginnings of her line, have wielded it to bring justice, to water their crops in times of need, to defeat raiders and conquerors.

But Eshud-Numash has tired of feeding and caring for his people. In the night, he was approached by his friend Duban, seer of the tribe, who told him that he had heard from a condor that the city of Budeb had entered into a war with a distant conqueror and that its army was away. Eshud-Numash could capture the city in this moment and bring its spoils back to the herd, to make the tribe rich.

The condor is, itself, the Great Name, Namyu, Feared by all who are helpless; Beautiful in its circles in the sky, with its shimmering black wings; Mighty, as long as it feeds on the flesh of the dying; Known to All, for all know of death in the desert; and Present in Eidolon,  wheeling in its circles in the sky.

 Eshud-Numash now chooses: does he defy the way of his Lumu herd and follow those of the condor — even if doing so would bring wealth to his people?

The only Solarpunk RPG I've ever seen.
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