Ashadd Nash’s Blaster Rifle (How to Make a Star Wars Guy 3)

Ashadd Nash is a scoundrel, living between the cracks of the Empire and the now-disintegrating old order of the Republic. And like any scoundrel, she travels armed.

One thing that the characters do a lot in Star Wars is shoot. A lot. That comes in part from the Boomer fantasy of lone gunslingers and their frontier justice, developing of course from Western mythology but echoing the fantasies of the Divine Right of Kings and those kings’ rise to power justified by feats of arms. Just like you can’t conceive of an image of King Arthur without Excalibur, or Miyamoto Musashi without his oar, you can’t imagine Luke Skywalker without his lightsaber — featured on the very first Star Wars posters despite the fact that all he did in that movie was look at it.

Ashadd’s weapon of choice is her blaster rifle, handy for dealing with the kinds of scoundrel problems one is likely to encounter at a substantial distance.

She has a second choice, too. I’ll show you that one next week.

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