How to Make a Star Wars Guy 4: Ashadd Nash’s Derringer

The day Ashadd Nash found herself alone without clan, without money, and with a price on her head, she became a scoundrel, and a scoundrel needs a scoundrel’s weapon.

To raise funds, she began gambling. Her people’s tight relationship with The Force aided her in this, and she quickly found herself a master of Durran, of Sabacc, and of The Huttese Wheel.

She didn’t, of course, consider what she was doing to be cheating; after all, every being in the Galaxy has access to The Force; some simply choose to ignore it.

The Imperial officer — the subject of Ashadd’s derisive commentary — who sad at the card table watching his considerable purse drain itself into hers, didn’t feel the same way. But when, shamed by his poor luck, poorer sportsmanship, and poor strategy at a Moshan casino urged him to draw his weapon, he quickly found it instead in Ashadd’s hand.

Ashadd Nash’s derringer blaster doesn’t come out much. She prefers to know the situation before she’s within its range.

She invited him to leave without it before he further embarrassed himself. Minutes later, in the back seat of a hired speeder, he couldn’t remember why he had let her go, though it had seemed such a good idea at the time.

The only Solarpunk RPG I've ever seen.
In the Fifth World, you have to look someone in the eye if you want to bring them pain. And there’s a good chance you’ll reconsider.

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