Cimmeria, From the Journal of Imaginary Anthropology

I am deeply honored that the Kaleidocast podcast has invited me to illustrate some of their upcoming stories for Season 2. I’ll show you another one shortly, but I’m just so happy with this one, I had to show it first.

The Kaleidocast is short stories connected by a piece of metafiction: the members of the Meta-Technic Institute are trying to track the stories down as they sneak in from their alternate dimensions into Brooklyn, where the Meta-Technic Institute exists. They catalogue the stories and record them for posterity. And sometimes they get eaten by them.

I hope my illustration of the story in repose is as creepy as the story, itself is.


This is Cimmeria, from the Journal of Imaginary Anthropology by Theodora Goss. It is so up my alley, I got woozy when the Kaleidocast’s editor, Cam Roberson, sent it to me.

I can’t wait for you to hear the story! To make it possible, please back the Kaleidocast Kickstarter! While there are lots of cool backer rewards (including prints of story-creatures by me!), the most important reward of this Kickstarter is that the Kaleidocast will start paying pro rates for their stories. If you know anything about me, you know how much I care about independent media, and making that work means making sure creators get paid. Pro rates for speculative fiction are still dangerously low for beings who need to consume food every day, but it’s of course much better than not. Help some authors eat every day! Of course, you might not be able to back with dollars, so please tweet to your friends, post about it to Facebook, and generally tell your friends who like speculative fiction of all sorts that they can help these creators keep making.

Of course, you should also support The Fifth World, who are an avid supporter of xenoglyph, as well. Their shared world project is really amazing. It’s all about humans on the other side of the collapse of industrial society. Back their amazing project, too!

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