Ashu, the Ibis of Dawn, Healer of the Sun

Ashu, the Ibis of Dawn, lives in the marshes beside the river Shugal. Each morning, her wings embrace the sunrise that she might guide it across the sky, for the strong right eye of the river Shugal is blind, and may only open with her aid; if she is absent, the strong right eye will close and cast the city and its farms into darkness.

A prison of satin. In Ashu’s right hand is strong right eye of the sky of the city of Shugal, itself. Ashu must apply her arts to it each morning that it might open and bathe the fields in light.

To assure the city that this might never happen, Umet, the high priestess of the city, captured Ashu and now wears her face, each morning aiding the sun across the sky. Ashu wishes to be free of the temple in which she is imprisoned, and free of her captor, Umet, that she might pass her responsibility to her daughter, Ashem.

Ashu has initiated Umet in the arts of healing and Umet is known across the deserts and seas for her powers to reverse all wounds. Some say that she can call the lost back from the waters of the underworld.

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