Tramp Freighter Happy Delivery

The Happy Delivery is Captain “Radish” Saumet’s grudging pride and joy. Built out of discarded (and “discarded”) pieces of abandoned (or surrendered) spacecraft, she plies the asteroid belt  for goods worth carrying.

Just 500 hours ago, she repaid a debt owed to a Conference merchant named Kanhoji, and so may now dock at Ceres without fear of reprisal. She still might push his face when she gets there, though; her 150cm frame fits nicely into the craft, so she gets more exercise than most.

Currently, she has two crewmates, Big Sadek and No Beard Susan. The three get along well, despite No Beard Susan having neglected to warn the other two of the reputation she has on the asteroid, Bridal Falls.

This is concept art for the upcoming Fate Space Toolkit I’m doing with Evil Hat. I’m having a great time working with Bill White (Ganakagok) and Toph Marshall (Diaspora) on these settings and the alien world & peoples chapters.

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