The Lancia Stratos Is The Coolest Car Ever

lancia stratos ralley

I’m pretty sure I had a Matchbox Lancia Stratos as a kid. It’s an astonishingly cool car. Apparently, it was pretty dominant in the mid-70s as a ralley racer, which is really neat, given its street car looks. I guess it held on to the corners as tightly as the other top racers, then took off on the straights and pavement.

The only thing cooler than the Lancia Stratos Ralley, though is the Lancia Stratos prototype. Holy crap.

… and the only thing cooler than that is the Kraftwerk knockoff music followed by actual Kraftwerk.

3 thoughts on “The Lancia Stratos Is The Coolest Car Ever”

  1. Any issue with blind spots and that prototype is inconsequential because NO ONE CAN CATCH UP TO PASS YOU.

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