All That’s Missing Is A Fire (And Guns)

This is Rallycross. It’s exactly what Burning Rubber is, only in Burning Rubber, when you’re falling behind, you shoot the guy in front of you.

How skidding works

I’m happy to say that this is pretty much how skids work in Burning Rubber. Also, you see how, on a lot of these corners, the dude is laying down tread? That’s where he’s skidding. He’s still in control of the car, but he’s skidding. And you see how all of a sudden, the car snaps and the tire tracks stop and suddenly he’s accelerating? That’s where he’s lined up his car with his vector.

The Lancia Stratos Is The Coolest Car Ever

lancia stratos ralley

I’m pretty sure I had a Matchbox Lancia Stratos as a kid. It’s an astonishingly cool car. Apparently, it was pretty dominant in the mid-70s as a ralley racer, which is really neat, given its street car looks. I guess it held on to the corners as tightly as the other top racers, then took off on the straights and pavement.

The only thing cooler than the Lancia Stratos Ralley, though is the Lancia Stratos prototype. Holy crap.

… and the only thing cooler than that is the Kraftwerk knockoff music followed by actual Kraftwerk.

Burning Rubber 0.2


(see also Burning Rubber 0.1)

Got together tonight with Rob Bohl, Emily Care-Boss, and Epidiah Ravichol for a first round playtest of Burning Rubber. We weren’t shooting at each other. I wanted to see if the driving game was fun, and when, if ever, you’d wish you could shoot. Each of them gave really solid feedback. Thanks, guys!

The big things we noticed:

  • Skidding and crashing work great. They’re reasonably intuitive and make a really solid, comical mess.
  • The ruler design is critical. Units were twice as long as they should have been and there were about half as many as there should have been, resulting in everyone achieving their top speed on turn 2 and having no problem keeping it, even around the tightest curve on the course.
  • Driving is too easy. If no one gets aggro on your ass, you just drive around.
  • I have to be clear that you can’t accelerate with Yellows.
  • You need two rulers to keep from losing track of stuff.

The following rules supercede the previous post on the matter. They are much simpler. My sacred cow of “facings” is by the side of the road, trying to hitch a ride to a different game.

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Burning Rubber

Car Wars

I really like racing games. I like Formula D, I like Burnout, and I played the shit out of Car Wars as a lad. What Formula D (née Formula ) and Burnout have in common is fast, sleek gameplay. What Formula D and Car Wars have in common are vehicle construction rules (otherwise excellent 5th ed. notwithstanding). What Car Wars and Burnout have are frenzied automobile combat. You will note that those don’t overlap.

I’ve been kinda trying to figure out how to adapt Vincent’s Mechaton rules to car combat for a couple of years now. I’ve got a couple of specs that make it non-trivial.

  • You’ve only got one car. Instead of having 3-5 guys to spread your resources around, you have one complex guy.
  • Facing has to matter. It’s a car, so it’s all about maneuvering, for both offensive and defensive gain.
  • You have to go forward. You accelerate and have a speed.
  • The game is about racing, not just blowing each other up. One of the great things about Mechaton is the objective system; it makes fighting a matter of tactics rather than one of bashing. In this game, I want the fighting to be about winning the race, or if you can’t do that, crashing your car really spectacularly.
  • Build a car in 30 minutes
  • Play in about 90-120 minutes
  • Have good crashing rules! Losing should be fun and funny!

So I started writing this up. What I got so far is under the break. Maybe you’ll get a chance to play before I will!

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