Choose Your Adventure! [Oo! Let’s Make a Game!]


51:04 long & 49 MB big

In this episode, Robert Bohl (designer of Misspent Youth) and Joshua A. C. Newman (designer of shock: social science fiction) discuss major changes to the game, spend a lot of time with feedback, and discuss how Jewish someone has to be in England.

We took some during-the-show notes. If you have Google Wave you might be able to take a look at the Wave we created while recording. For those of you without, you can check out the Google Docs transcription

– The Weird Jews Livejournal group that Joshua joined
– The Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution
– The Alas, A Blog entry about the New York Times piece on England and Jewishness
– Kat & Michael Miller’s Serial Homicide Unit
– The Starship Troopers and Robocop films
– Feedback from Doc Holaday, Luke Crane (sorta), Vincent Baker, Jj
– cat and man!
– We know who the game will always be about now!
Larry Ellison
Rutgers and Yale Universities
Blackwater Worldwide
On Mighty Thews, by Simon Carryer
Frank Frazetta
– The Draconis Montreal convention

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The intro music is “Gotta Whizz” by Boris the Sprinkler, from the album Mega Anal. The outgoing music is “Taffy Lewis’ Night Club” by Vangelis.