Let’s get Vin Diesel Down Below the Fold, Shall We?


We’re just about ready to get rockin’ on the first ever Mechaton campaign. It takes place in the Republic of Tarkut, just after the Democratically Elected Peoples’ Government That Was Totally Democratic has collapsed. Into the power vacuum come three factions. I’m playing the Paktaliya, a group of guerrillas of an ethnic minority called the Mukun. We’re tired of being pushed around by everybody and we have some nonsense legend about how “we” pushed out the iniquitous Red Circle a thousand years ago, who we think Emily’s faction, the Rasili Empire, resemble. Vincent’s sort of taken the Battle for Algiers route; his people are the people of Tarkut who have a network more than a capital. They’re the real government of the people of this country.

Here’s my army as it now stands. These are AIn-11s, an extremely common mecha among guerrillas because of its adaptability and reliability. It’s the AK-47 of the giant robot world. Where Vincent’s “Chuckers” are clunky and fall apart and the Rasili noble armor is all full of fancy new technologies that can go wrong, the AIn-11 strikes the perfect balance. Plus, a mysterious supporter keeps sending them to us. I’m sure that’ll work out OK, though.

In the top illustration, you can see the group as it’s currently assembled. Flying above the group is Scout, a nearly unarmed, fast-moving front line support mecha. Then, right to left:

  • Cammy, a veteran mecha, owned by three brave Paktali before the current pilot.
  • Constructor, a salvaged construction mecha.
  • Sargent, the most experienced pilot, he prefers to be on the front line with Cammy.
  • Bombard, modified for back line fire support.

Here they are up close:


Scout leaps by.

Scout has a targeting laser in each hand — two Yellows.


Scout can walk, too. Notice the rockets under each arm.


Sarge is armed with a regular assault rifle and a pistol for when things get close.


Cammy’s functionally equivalent to Sarge, but he carries a whuppin’ stick instead of a pistol.


A closeup so you can see some of the construction. They’re all basically the same with a few details changed here and there.


Bombard here has a grill in front of his primary sensor to ward of backblast from his rocket launcher. Also, you see what he’s carrying there? It looks like a shovel, but really it’s a can opener. For opening up a can of whupass.


Bombard’s rocket laucher. Bombard is also a modified construction mecha, much like:


Constructor was just stolen. All the guy’s got is a pickaxe and a bellyful of idealism.

10 thoughts on “Let’s get Vin Diesel Down Below the Fold, Shall We?”

  1. he has enough pictures up that i can see how everything else is put together, but that section of the head/torso, i know how he attaches the arms and legs and i know what the thing in front is but not the head or torso.

    1. The torso is mostly a 2×1 plate. Attached to that is a clip plate, and in the clip is a pistol, my favorite method of making changes in angle in a tiny space. The handle of the pistol points up and forward with the clip tile/transparent dot for the face and another clip plate forming the top of the head.

      Look at the second pic of Bombard and the first one of Scout to see that assembly.

    1. Um, that’s me! Joshua A.C. Newman, designer of graphics and games, lover of Lego and avid Mechanist!

      Welcome to the site, Matt! You can see my games over at the glyphpress site or just click around over on the right.

      These mecha are built for a campaign game of Mechaton: Giant Fighty Robots, by Vincent Baker, a game design of some renown. You can see his game s and other endeavors on his site, lumpley.com. This campaign is being played with both him and Emily Care Boss, yet another game designer.

      And now you know everything!

  2. _>

    Either way, Ya I bought the Mechaton pdf from lumply, and its pretty sweet, im trying to find some people in the area that would play it, because it honestly looks awesome. I always remember trying to make mechs out of my Legos and look at this!~ Someone had the exact same Idea in mind. A+ for the brains to throw all the fun together.

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