Shock: a Hit with both Albino Emperors and Intergalactic Beefcake

Vin Diesel

A fellow I don’t know (who is probably Paul Alexander Williams, whom I still don’t know) has written an excellent review of Shock: over on his Livejournal. He uses The Chronicles of Riddick as a running example, which is great. I thought I was the only person who liked it.

5 thoughts on “Shock: a Hit with both Albino Emperors and Intergalactic Beefcake”

  1. Not the only person that likes it. I thought Chronicles of Riddick was a rollicking good time and pretty much hit all the cinematic points it wanted to. It was just a lot of points, which led to a sprawling, splayed-out story reminiscent, frankly, of RE Howard. And how appropriate that the final shot should be a recomposition, with Riddick replacing Conan upon the throne of Aqualania. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown, indeed.”

    Not only gaming geek but genre film geek. I do it all!

  2. Heh.

    I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s the only SF movie in years with any sort of scope. I Don’t think it was brilliant, but it was a good time, and visually very creative.

  3. I haven’t seen Perfect Dark and would like to. If it’s OK, I’d be interested in the cartoons.

    I think I like the Howardness of it, too. I also dig Mssr. Diesel’s racial statements about his universe.

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