Gribus and Ghiarren Awaken Something

The xenophilia Discord, (full of my Patreon krewe, talking about science, science fiction, archaeology, roleplaying games, model building, archictecture, and pretty much everything else that’s cool) recently hosted an early playtest of Eyes Wide to the Stars, which is just barely starting to take shape.

I’m starting to see the shape of the game, which is exciting. It’s so much easier to design a roleplaying game when you can play with your friends. I think we’ve all gotten a little more used to the awkwardness of playing online, which helps.

The other thing I do when I’m writing an RPG is write fiction and draw illustrations from it that feel like I want play to feel. Gribus and Ghiaren’s adventures are where I’m trying these out, finding ways to put comfortable imagery — Psychic powers! Blasters! Robots! Vast, alien Big Dumb Objects! A villainous empire! Corridors! — to good use.

So here are Gribus and Ghiarren, who have managed to get ahold of two perfectly fitting jumpsuits and have snuck all the way into the Gizmonic Institute to find an ancient alien artifact. Until two seconds ago, Ghiarren was telling Gribus to hurry up, knowing that there are more guards on their way. And Gribus has just made contact with it through hyperspace, the realm of mind.

Hurry — oh.
I’d love to see what Fifth Worlder hazard gear looks like. There’s sure a lot of environmental hazard in their (our future) world!

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