In our Eyes Wide to the Stars playtest last week, our grey market explorer-traders came across this sapient spacecraft that had buried itself a billion years in the past in an apparently-successful attempt to outrun a yet-unnamed pursuer — a pursuer we certainly hope isn’t still on a prowl in the age we live in.

Eyes Wide to the Stars is the softest science fiction I can imagine. There are psychic powers and antigravity, which are the levers I never pull. But its universe includes hyperspace, which is the source of consciousness. And while you need a spacesuit to live in an unpressurized environment, you can wear your spacesuit around all day like regular overalls.

Let’s go get space adventury!

For some reason, a billion years ago, aliens with four arms and three arms in a craft with artificial gravity still needed acceleration couches that fit humans that wouldn’t evolve for a gigayear. What a coincidence! And one we will not be exploring because, aside from the occasional space god, sapient being tend to have limbs, heads, and be between 1 and 2 meters tall!

I’ve been wanting to make a game that’s beautiful and comfortable for a while. The last six years have made me really need it.

I’d love to see what Fifth Worlder hazard gear looks like. There’s sure a lot of environmental hazard in their (our future) world!

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