Gozoy Mboc

There’s an offhand mention of Gozoy back in the vignette in the last post. In the universe of Eyes Wide to the Stars, it might be thousands of years in the future, but humanoids are still just stretching out to the fringes of our part of the galaxy. It’s rare that someone encounters an alien in the same way that it’s rare to encounter someone from another country now. But it definitely happens, and this vignette (and most of the game for which this vignette is a design exercise) takes place at the edges of humanoid space, where you’re more likely to run into someone go Gozoy Mboc.

Gozoy loves the oontz.

Gozoy has become fascinated in human culture (unaware that most prefer to be called “humanoid”, as “human” is an ancient and largely speculative species from long-lost Earth) and in particular, human music, which he considers his favorite genre. Any time he has a chance to participate in a human musical events, he does. That means that you can find him on dance floors, at concerts, and has even tried his mechanical hands (part of the utility exoskeleton he wears when outside his own species’ environments) with human musical instruments like the ehr-hu and the modular synthesizer.

He’s starting to understand that music sounds different when it was created in different times and places among humanoids and is eager to learn what those distinctions are.

How might cultures with no ownership work out? I’m sure there are plenty of those in The Fifth World!

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