The Iguk

The Iguk is one of the monsters listed in The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze. It guards the opal skeleton of Yog Shul and is duty-bound to return any piece stolen. To accomplish its task, it is thus blessed: that it may never be killed the same way twice.

Each time it dies, it returns in a new form to pursue the thief.

But The Iguk is not only a beast of duty. It is also a beast of pride. Each time it returns the stolen treasure, it also brings back a trophy that it displays with pride in the now-collapsed tomb of Yog Shul. Skulls of the wise. Fingers of archers. Mighty arms, still grasping bronze blunted on The Iguk’s tough hide.

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Modular systems are a function of industrial society. But do people of The Fifth World still know how to agree to standards? With their acute interest in efficiency, I think they might have carried that lesson forward!

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