Kalush, Buried Beneath the Twins

When the Giants quarreled, they brought forth many monsters to do their violence before Ummud conceived to form the Earthen-Beings out of red clay. The great serpent Kalush was birthed by Ishmu to seize the ruby heart of the river Ufaret and hold it close that Shutu might not regain it to place it again within her ribcage.

Kalush was trapped here beneath a seal, inscribed in the Language of Names, unable to see the light of day until Gushab and Adanu managed to move aside the stone. They are considering if they have perhaps made a mistake.

Kalush has there rested for millennia, trapped by the twins Ubash and Tubash. Unblinking, its hot breath carries the wisdom of the ancient serpent to the ears and nostrils of the priesthood of Ubash and Tubash.

Do the people of The Fifth World believe in destiny, or do they believe that humans make moral choices?

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