Zujabji, Ancestral Spearhead of the Chiefs of the Dzung Mountain People

The Dzung people live far to the north of the center of the world on the mountains that form the border to the high plains. They are nomadic and broken into many tribes, but all answer to the wielded of Zujabji, the ancestral spearhead of their chiefs.

Zujabji is an extraordinary example of one of their two most common weapons, the fork-headed spear and arrow. The spears are used by riders of their airborne Kurka, huge flying lizards whose backs the Dzung rarely leave, to strike opponents. The fork-shaped blade sinks in, rather than glancing off, and for this reason the shape implies tenacity, a characteristic highly valued by the Dzung.

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The only Solarpunk RPG I've ever seen.Man. I wonder what war is like in The Fifth World. Mostly, no one wants war. Someone might die!


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