Girraffatitanic Butt

Work continues on my Girraffatitan project! I’m getting close to having to make one of these as a sculpture.

This herd is migrating across this plane to the river for a drink before they head up into the forested hills on the horizon for lunch.

I’m trying to learn how to fully understand just how enormous these creatures were by our standard. You can see a humanoid shadow in the lower left. Its primary function there is to help me understand where the viewer’s eyeline should be.

In short (ha ha), this creature stood some 20m tall. It was about as long. That’s about four stories.

Part of this project is moving past the “anatomical study” and into the “life reconstruction” that can help us really visualize these creatures, from their sense of scale to their habits and their environments. It’s no mean feat. I chose this composition because it makes you feel really insignificant.

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