My upcoming story, City of the Worm King, features the sexy, sensitive, and perhaps misled character, Buejad. It was my pleasure to have him model for me a couple of weeks ago here in my studio.

I saved a bunch of in-process images for my Patreon subscribers, the xenophiliacs, and you can see those stages by subscribing!

Buejad is of a people who live in the water as much as on the land. His skin is covered in smooth scales, though, like all earthen-beings, he is warm to the touch. He has set out on adventure of his own when the traveler encounters him, but, like many an adventurer, has discovered that he can only prepare for so much.

The only Solarpunk RPG I've ever seen.
While the people of The Fifth World might not live in Rationalist societies, I am certain that there are sacred orders, or even entire nations of a dozen tribes, perhaps comprised of as many as several thousand people, who understand that the world works by cause and effect, not the whims of hidden names.

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