A Dzung Raiding Party Takes to the Air

The Dzung live to the north of the center of the world, in the cruel mountains and vast, unknown high plains beyond.

Chief Gungurr leads her raiding party astride Dark Cloud, her second kurka. Dark Cloud had once belonged to her lieutenant, her cousin Djung, but when hers was lost in battle, Djung gave her his own beast. He has borrowed a subordinate’s, and so on, until the kurka hatchling being raised by Chief Gungurr reaches maturity.

The Dzung ride kurka — their flying lizards — in flocks of hundreds upon hundreds. Each Dzung adult raises a kurka, hatched around the time of their own weaning. As the child learns to walk, the kurka hatchling learns to fly, and they grow together. Once grown, the rider will rarely leave the saddle, and Dzung felt tent villages are made with paths wide enough for the occupants to travel about, mounted on beasts who could look over the walls of any but the greatest cities in the center of the world.

The only Solarpunk RPG I've ever seen.
The Fifth World doesn’t have a ton of megafauna that aren’t descended from zoo animals, but those descendants, like the herds of North American elephants, are no less compelling.

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