Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack

So, the cat’s out of the bag. For the tenth (!) anniversary of Vincent Baker’s Mechaton, I’m working on Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack. I’m working with Vincent, his son Sebastian, and Lego superstar Soren Roberts on a few new rules, a bunch of instructions, a setting, and a bunch of advice for both construction and play. Like all things LEGO™, it will be fun to make what’s on the front of the box, plus we’re making certain that it’s fun to repurpose the parts to make your own robots, factions, and even rules hacks.

I got a chance to try the new basic rules at Metatopia this last weekend, playing couple of games with Dave Leciston, Mark Andrews, Michele Mishko (who subbed for Bill Refsland when he had to attend to con duties), Mike Miller, and Rich Flynn. Here are some highlights. Many robots died for this playtest.

All told, the con was really interesting, if event-packed. There was little time for socializing, which suits the intentions of the con, but I really wish I’d had the time to hang with some of those folks some more.

More photos available on Flickr!

If you’ve got Mechaton already and would like a PDF of the Metatopia experimental rules, please give mee your email address in the comments!

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  1. Wargammers always seem to be suffering under the responsability of command, even if it is only Lego pieces. What dedication! They know they must hone their skills in case one day there are called upon.

  2. Alternately, you will never find me playing MCTN without a big grin on my face and alcohol involved. And I never pass up a chance to make cinematic, irresponsible decisions if they look cool.

    1. Inorite?

      It actually will be 10 next year. The first, basic “roll then allocate” mechanic was in place in 2002. It took until 2006 to get all the parts – the objectives and victory points – working.

  3. Hey I’d like to see the experimental rules. My friend Eric and I have played a long campaign before and I’d like to see what you’ve done. We even ran it at Camp Nerdly one year.

  4. I remember downloading the free rules way back and scouring my 1980’s Lego collection for the bits. I think I could make 1 Classic frame and the rest were things that looked like Daleks (no legs). 🙂
    I bought a $70 Creator set (light blue, orange and white) because it had enough of the pieces, I was missing, to make another 3 Classic frames.
    Those were the days . . .

    I would love to take a look at a PDF of the Metatopia experimental rules.

    Thank you!

  5. Is the name of the game officially changing to Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack? Or is this just for this specific rule-set?

  6. Mantisking, the game is officially changing its name and I’m publishing it instead of Vincent. There’s a scandalous story to it, but I can’t get into it at the moment.

  7. Cannot wait for the new rules, my gaming group is chomping at the bit! I’d love to put the new rules into effect!

    Jhall dot geology at gmail dot com


  8. Je joue à Mechaton avec mon fils depuis quelques temps.
    Pouvez vous m’envoyer ces nouvelles regles pour les essayer.

    I’m french and I play with my son to mechaton. Could you please mail me this new rules.
    Thanks a lot !


  9. Hey, folks, playtesting has obsolesced the rules to the point where this document isn’t really representative any more.

    When I fire up the Kickstarter at the end of March though I’ll be sure to get all interested backers the final rules tweaks as soon as possible, probably while the campaign is ongoing.

  10. There are very light campaign rules in set 001. I’ll be doing a supplement with more complex campaign rules in the coming months and you’ll find them unusual in the same ways MFZ itself is!

  11. Hi, Parduz,

    I’m not sending those out right now — a couple of the rules are obsolete (read: really unfun) and the Kickstarter will be going live in just a couple of weeks anyway.

    You can keep in touch here at the glyphpress, follow me @JoshuaACNewman, or on Facebook and G+ to keep up with news as it happens!

  12. Way back when I bought the older Mechaton PDF, I remember reading that those who buy it get later updates for free. Would that include this one, or is it considered a different game entirely?

  13. Interesting question! I’m publishing it instead of Vincent, so I have to discuss with him.

    The PDF (with the same guarantee from me for my future editions) will only probably be ten bucks on Kickstarter, so either way we’re looking at somewhere between $0 and $10.

  14. The answer is, I’m doing a special upgrade edition that will have all the new rules, but none of the other stuff — the instructions, the buying strategy, the setting, the illustrations — that MFØ has.

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