The Cube

Jim Henson, in 1969, pre-muppets, wrote and directed this hour-long Twilight Zone-style movie, shown on NBC. It’s pretty wonderful. It’s not really kid-friendly, but only because of the themes of existential dread.

Stick around for the end, where there are three animated shorts from the animation festival circuit in the 80s, including Bambi vs. Godzilla!

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if there’s any relationship between this and the more recent Cube movies.

    I don’t know that this would happen in real life… unless they specifically picked an extremely docile and malleable subject. I know I would have gotten out the first damn time someone opened a door, even if it meant propping the door open with their unconscious body. Maybe that’s the point- an experiment to see if cultural programming is stronger than survival instinct?

    Also, I think I’m still limber enough to have gotten the cuffs off… although it might have left me sorer than when I was young.

    I kind of feel like, if I a) had not gotten out quickly, and b) had not actually been physically harmed, by the point the crazy guy was revealed to be an actor, I probably would have just decided to take it all in stride, as clearly some kind of clever extended prank. By the time they sent the sexpot in, I’d be completely unsurprised, like “what took you so long?”, a seduction being an obvious one of what I imagine to be a long string of scenarios planned to elicit reactions from me, the subject. At the end I’d anticipate applause from all the actors and spectators, and perhaps a small prize of some kind.

    But the very first time I was physically threatened, all bets would be off. That stool would go over the head of the next person to walk in the room, and I’d be out, whatever the cost.

    I’m honestly not sure if the cops would have triggered me or not.

    I may have more to say after watching the second half. For now, I desperately need sleep more than input.

  2. Dave, it’s pretty obvious to me that the “why the hell don’t you just leave?” question is about socialization versus common sense, instinct, and reason.

    But watch the rest.

  3. Jebus. By the time the black guy comes in his will is already completely broken. He doesn’t even try anymore, he’s given up completely. Where did they find someone so spineless?

    On the other hand, it’s pretty clear by that time that he’s either hallucinating/dreaming, or that there are powers well beyond his ken at work. Or, more likely, he’s doing it all to himself.

    Heh. Gorillas. Note that he doesn’t follow through on his threat.

    Okay, the laughing guys are scary.

    Holy crap, a Priest of Iz! We totally made up the Cult of Iz in junior high. I never knew Henson was in on it…

    It’s completely fucked that he just goes immediately for suicide when handed a weapon. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, MAN???

    Clearly he’s never seen The Game. That’s his problem, he’s just not genre savvy enough.

    Heh. Strawberry jam.

    I was disappointed that the end was not the end that had been promised. WTF is up with that?

    Okay, yeah, next time I should probably wait until the end to comment instead of doing it while I watch, eh? @_@

    Wow, Dog Brain… I forget where I’ve seen that, but I distinctly remember it.

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