Oo! Let’s Make a Game! The feed URL


Until we figure out how to make things easy where you can just click a button and say “subscribe,” you can use this feed rss url to subscribe to the podcast.

On second thought, this is the new (and final) feed url.

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  1. That was a fun listen. I am so happy for the pointer to paleofutures! Thank you. I love forgotten futures stuff and am an avid fan of ‘dated’ science fiction. / I can’t wait to hear whether your game gets off the ground or whether it goes down in flames, either one will be equally interesting. You hit on a good idea though.

  2. The paleofuture thing is on the glyphpress project list as a Shock: supplement. I can’t tell you when to expect it, but it’s too much fun to pass up.

  3. It makes perfect sense as a supplement for Shock. I even thought if you happened to run Shock at Draconis that I try to get into the group and suggest that we set our perspectives in, say, 1935 and look to the “future” as seen from that vantage point for shocks and issues. I listen to old time radio a lot and it is rich with forgotten futures. Just about any show from Dimension X, for instance, would make great particulars Shock game.

  4. Maybe! Those are decisions to make at the table, though.

    You’d be pretty hard-pressed to keep me away from the Depression, Prohibition, Jazz, and mechanical men, given the opportunity.

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