War Tank on One Wheel Operated by One Man

Fighting wars... with fun!
It’s been a while since I posted some Minutiæ from the real world, but I’m gonna get back in the swing of things with this awesomeness from the evercool Modern Mechanix weblog. This particular oddity makes it look fun to fight a war! The best part is that the thing is a giant wheel, but it has these legs in the front that it uses to vault over obstacles, presumably like barbed wire and trenches.
Big Wheel is unfortunately not interviewed in the article.
Hey, can you imagine how loud it must be in there? I mean, aside from being inside the cabin with the engine, your head is at the center of two parabolic dishes that focus the noise on your ears. Also, please note that you can steer or shoot. Why did it take so long to put the triggers on the steering apparatus of vehicles?

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