Shock: Going Out and Running Out

Everyone who’s ordered Shock: from me up to today should be receiving their book in the mail in the near future. Sorry it took so long, preorderers; I’ve really only just gotten back on track after Gen Con this week, both with shipping and with the rest of my professional life. Man, that thing takes it out of me.

Let me know if you don’t get your books in the appropriate future!  Kaare, this especially means you.

This also means that I should bring up something important: Shock: is almost sold out again! I’ve got 5 copies and IPR has 6 remaining. That’s right, 94 sold in the last four weeks. I could learn to love that! I’ll be doing another print run just as soon as I can, but you know the way these things work. It could be a while. So if you’re planning on playing the game soon, buy a book before they’re gone into the land of hazy printer communications!

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