Shock: now in Real Thing format!

Shock: first promo cover
I understand why some women have a thing for guys in uniform. Sometimes that uniform is brown, and sometimes when that uniform is brown, the dude brings you the proof of Shock: Social Science Fiction.
There are a couple of tweaks to do and my editor (i.e. Carrie Bernstein, i.e. my wife) is going to give it a once-over. And I have to lean a bit on my printing rep to do the last piece of the job (it’s supposed to have a matte finish and it doesn’t — it looks kinda nice this way, but decisions are decisions.) Then it ships to Brennan and me, then to you!

10 thoughts on “Shock: now in Real Thing format!”

  1. Hooray! Images now work in the comments! If you’re inspired to post some, just don’t do them wider than 408 pixels.

    … and all so I could post this:

  2. Maybe it’s the delivery guy that’s sexy, not the uniform. You’re delivering Shock: to me right now, so say yes.

  3. Hi, Joe!

    While there’s an outside chance that this will show up in a store or two in the UK, the most reliable way to get it to the UK is to order it. Shipping is $5.25 anywhere in the world, so as long as you live in the UK that’s in the world, it shouldn’t break the bank.

    If you live in some alternate universe UK where Captain Britain is a pirate or something, though, we’ll have to make other arrangements.

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