Dear Battlestar Galactica,

Starbuck (with an inordinate amount of makeup)

I just finally got to watch the last three episodes of season 4.0, and I have this to say:

I love you.

I love Tigh stepping up and, for once, showing both spine and wisdom.

I love the Mexican standoff.

And… and… you chose the Earth I wanted most! You maniacs!

I, For One, Salute Our New Robot Fabricators.

(This is incredibly cool, but the video makes a horrible sound, so I recommend muting.)

Thanks, Sir Arthur.

Arthur C. Clarke died early this morning.

It’s hard to express the affect his writing had on me. 2001 was the first movie I saw and the scale of his vision really influenced the way I think.

Rob and I Get Gravely

The Independent Insurgency and Shock: Social Science Fiction

 Rob Bohl, podcaster of The Independent Insurgency, just put up (well, OK, a few days ago, but I forgot to announce then) Independent Insurgency #6. We had a fun time talking about stuff from about 2 AM until around 4 at Dreamation 2008. You can hear us get gravelier and gravelier over the course of the conversation.

We talk about all sorts of fun stuff! We talk about publishing, we talk about giving and receiving critique, we talk about making design decisions and why I made some of mine. Give it a listen. It’s about an hour long, and you should count your blessings, because that’s edited down from about two.

Calling All Sarahs

Renowned game designator and enthusiologist Malcolm Craig has just posted his groundbreaking thespio-entertron based on the above audio-visual stimulon entitled “I Lost My Heart To a Starship Trooper.”

It saddens me that the science fiction game experience of Shock: is so totally overshadowed by this incredible piece of interactive speculative fiction, but I have to bow out graciously.

Gentlemen, If You Need Me, I’ll Be Down By The River.

Dorodango by Bruce Gardner

The object above in made of dirt. It is made by Bruce Gardner using some dirt he found, some water, and his hands. There were no further tools but his ability to synthesize the playtime activity of children in the mud with the scientific exploration of Dr. Fumio Kayo.

Hands, dirt, water, time. The four elements of art.

This Makes Me So Happy!

This is what I love about the Internet. People create for the sheer human joy of it.


Independent sci fi film!

I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but Infest Wisely is a series of 12 minute episodes in a 7 episode sci fi arc. It’s a bit of a cliché to say that we’re living in a bright period of independent media, but the world really is full of things, and this looks like it might be good.

Let’s watch it together and discuss!

The Professor Bros. play Shock:


From the genius that brought us George Washington and Babycakes comes Future Thoughts, a thought-provoking piece on The Future.

Be sure to check out  the other Brad Neely works. He really makes you think.