The Merchant Family Achewed With Their Hawoun

The Achewed family has been breeding hawoun for generations now, riding them through the thick forests across the Eastern Sea up to the northern passes where their mass and might is proof against bandits and predators. They have never ventured as far as the center of the world, stopping at the Edjumelet Delta caravansarai to trade their glasswork, salt, and rice for oil, wine, raisins, and other goods rare in the cities of their ancestral home.

This hawoun, Bulamm, has not yet fully grown, and is on her first trading expedition with her herd. The Achewed cousins who handle her steer her like a ship with ropes pulling on her head and tail.

The hawoun are sturdy and courageous, protecting all in their herd, but act solely according to simple desires. Hawoun handlers have learned how to show their mounts where they want to walk, and the hawoun follow the instructions without objection or curiosity.

I wonder what the traditions of hospitality in The Fifth World are. How do you feed someone you haven’t seen in a long time? Is it different when you want to ask them a favor?

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