Mir Amblek, a Nice Cyborg Space Jellyfish to Meet

I was hanging out in the Talo Deshi spaceport a little while ago (it’s pretty amazing there. There’s a whole music scene that’s sprung up) and I met Mir Amblek. They’d been waiting for a contact who hadn’t shown up, so we got to talking. After the show last night, in which Pur33g Nexh Gurüu had opened for Suzanne Ciani, I was feeling really relaxed and energized, and I asked Amblek if I could draw them. They agreed, and I got them a pot of duwweh to drink while we sat together.

They’re a real sweetheart. I hope we get to hang out again soon.

They told a really funny joke about a moth that went to a podiatrist.

Amblek here is part of an experiment here leading to a 2.0 edition of my science fiction RPG, Shock:Social Science Fiction. You can keep appraised of its develop

The Fifth World centers community effects in its resolution. I would love for Shock:2 to be able to adapt to that kind of world.

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