Mir Amblek, a Nice Cyborg Space Jellyfish to Meet

I was hanging out in the Talo Deshi spaceport a little while ago (it’s pretty amazing there. There’s a whole music scene that’s sprung up) and I met Mir Amblek. They’d been waiting for a contact who hadn’t shown up, so we got to talking. After the show last night, in which Pur33g Nexh Gurüu had opened for Suzanne Ciani, I was feeling really relaxed and energized, and I asked Amblek if I could draw them. They agreed, and I got them a pot of duwweh to drink while we sat together.

They’re a real sweetheart. I hope we get to hang out again soon.

They told a really funny joke about a moth that went to a podiatrist.

Amblek here is part of an experiment here leading to a 2.0 edition of my science fiction RPG, Shock:Social Science Fiction. You can keep appraised of its develop

What are heroes like in The Fifth World? Absent sedentary, agrarian life, how do their culture heroes demonstrate the values of their society?
I bet the Fifth World has people who speak to flying insects.

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