The Crescent and its Prey

Even though they don’t occupy the “apex” niche (does anything, really?), the Crescents are still predators of small prey. Their elaborate, multispecies respiratory system gives them the ability to move faster than anything else in their ecosystem, but, like the sauropods of Earth’s past, they prefer to move their body as little as possible, preferring to reach from where they are.

Twisters are probably delicious. I doubt we’re biochemically suited. I bet they taste really cobalty.

The harpoon is actually a long, muscled tube that unfurls from the inside out. It can reach out and grab its prey, peristalting them toward the rest of the Crescent’s digestive system. It can move faster than most of its prey can swim away.

Its favorite prey is the “Twister”, a creature only distantly related on the family tree, in the category of threefold-symmetrical beings. It swims by twisting its semirigid tail in alternating directions, pushing water in accelerating waves along its length. It, in turn, has further prey, but mostly it’s a bottom grazer, picking small living things off rocks with its triangular mouth.

This is part of my ongoing project for Issue 3 of Almost Real, the speculative biology zine. If you like my work, you’ll love Almost Real!

I’d love to see what Fifth Worlder hazard gear looks like. There’s sure a lot of environmental hazard in their (our future) world!

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