Almost Real Symbiote, Sketch 3

I’m starting to work out the specific physiology of the Crescent symbiont in the Crescent/Frond symbiote project that I’m doing for Almost Real.

Its gills look like eyes, its eyes look like mouths, its mouth looks like genitals, and its genitals are in its gills.

I could draw whale skin texture all day.

I’ve only got one spread in the magazine, I think, so some of my material might not make it in. I’ve starting thinking about what Crescent fry look and work like before they’re big enough that swap gills, for instance. And I’ve got a really creepy image in mind of a Crescent just having captured its prey, but I don’t know if they’ll fit. I’m sure I’m not the only artist whose critters are exceeding the one-spread page limit, so I don’t want to hog pages. But I really like drawing these weirdos. They’re giving me more learning opportunities to learn how to draw water, not to mention my favorite weird, foldy skin textures.

I’d love to see what Fifth Worlder hazard gear looks like. There’s sure a lot of environmental hazard in their (our future) world!

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