Alternator is an RPG inspired by the parts of Altered Carbon that are about economic inequality and queerness (that is, the last three episodes of the Netflix series).

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Alternator assumes that, unlike the showrunners, you can accept the premise and then explore it, rather than needing an assurance that the world of the fiction, though radically different in structure from ours, is really the same…ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT IT’S DIFFERENT!


As a µShock: it’s a sketch and, while it’s playable, it’s flawed. The objective of these experiments is to get an idea down so people can play with it, then move onto the next one, taking with me what I learned.

I’d love to hear any experience or questions you have here in the comments on Dice.Camp!

download µShock:1:Alternator
and the Alternator Character Sheet

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